1Where and when do the tours start (and finish)?
Arriving by train
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday tours start from the casino car park below Burswood railway station. Take the 8.05am train from platform 4 of Perth railway station (Thornlie line). Get off at Burswood, walk towards Crown casino, down the steps, over the road, down some more steps and we will be waiting for you.

Fridays and Sundays (Fremantle tour) take the 8.45am train from Perth station to Fremantle and we will meet you by the station exit. We tour Fremantle and then ride back to Perth. (The sea breeze is almost always at our back helping us along if we ride back from Fremantle rather than ride TO Fremantle from Perth).

Arriving by car
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, drive to Crown Casino at Burswood and enter via Victoria Park Drive off Great Eastern highway. You will see Burswood railway station up on a hill to your right. Turn left at the first roundabout, and then immeadiately right into the car park and park near the steps leading up to the railway station. Please be there by 8.15am

Fridays and Sundays (Fremantle Tour) you can park behind the railway station (quite hard to find as you have to drive a big loop around to get there, or at any other car park in Fremantle. However, please note we ride back to Perth and finish at Crown casino car park, so you will have a long journey back to Fremantle to collect your car. We recommend you take the train or a bus to Fremantle station instead.

Arriving by taxi
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. A taxi to the casino car park below Burswood railway station costs about $15 from central Perth.

Getting home after the tour
Mondays and Wednesdays we finish the tour at Whiteman Park (Caversham Wildlife Park). Your bikes will be taken away, and we will transport you back to Guildford railway station where you can catch the train back to Perth or anywhere else. You will need $4.40 for the train fare (2 zones valid for 2 hours)

Tuesdays and Thursdays we finish the tour at Sorrento Quay. Your bikes will be taken away and we will transport you to Greenwood railway station where you can catch the train back to Perth or anywhere else. You will need $4.40 for the train fare (2 zones valid for 2 hours)

Fridays and Sundays we finish the tour at Burswood railway station. Your bikes will be taken away and you can take the train back to Perth or anywhere else. You will need $2.90 for the train fare to Perth (1 zone)

2Do I need to book?
YES. If you just show up without a booking we won't have a bike for you.
3 I don't ride often, how tiring are the rides going to be?
About 80% of our customers are NOT regular cyclists, and many are not very fit at all and their rear ends not hardened from regular riding. That's ok, we expect that.
• We ride slowly with lengthy and frequent photo opportunity, water, food and coffee stops.
• Over the whole day we are actually only riding for two hours and 30 minutes (35 kms)
• We avoid hills as much as possible and getting off and walking is never a problem.
• The tours are designed to take advantage of the typical Perth wind directions.
• The bikes have a special extra gear to make going up hills really easy for anyone.
• The bikes have really comfortable seats and we have extra gel seat pads available too.
We recommend you wear padded bike pants (we sell them for $25 if you don't have any). You don't HAVE to wear a backpack. The bikes have rear and front bags. The tour guide will fix any punctures, brake locks etc
99% of our riding is on dedicated bike paths. We don't go on ANY busy, dangerous roads.
In the event that you just need to quit (very rare) then there are taxis close by ready to scoop you and your bike up and take you to the end point where you can head for the nearest bar while the rest of the group ride on.
We ALWAYS ride to the speed of the slowest rider and no-one, even really experienced riders ever mind, because no matter what, it's a beautiful day out at whatever speed it takes. Sometimes slower is better.
4What should I bring with me for the day ?
Hat and sunglasses We provide a bike helmet while riding but you will need a hat for the rest of the time Sunscreen. We always have some if you forget, but bring your own and apply regularly is best.
Water. Two bottles (600ml). You can buy more along the way
Money. You need money (cash please) to pay us (unless you booked and paid already via a Tourist Centre)
You need money for food and drinks, shopping and entry to the most popular attractions like Fremantle Prison, Caversham Wildlife Park and Aqua (Aquarium).
Towel and bathers. You will want to swim on the Tuesday and Thursday tours. (Lakes and Ocean)
Camera and mobile phone (especially if you want to use our multi-lingual audio app for Android/Iphone)
Snacks to eat. There are many places to buy food along the way but a snack is always a good idea.
5 What is, and isn't, included in the price of the tour?
Bike, helmet, sunscreen, tour guide, gel seat cover, wine and chocolate tasting (Mondays, Wednesdays)

Not included - all entry fees for venues we visit
Fremantle Prison Tour ($20), Caversham Wildlife Park ($25), Aqua ($29), Shipwrecks Museum ($1), Round House ($1), Motor Museum ($10)
6 How safe are the tours ... do we ride on busy roads?
Perth has a wonderful network of safe bicycle paths but they are frequently very hard to follow as they often abruptly end and re-appear nearby without sign posting. People not on guided tours frequently get lost and end up on dangerous roads.

Our tours follow cycle paths, off-road for 99% of the time and the only roads we ride on for short periods have very low vehicle traffic.

We sometimes have to cross over busy roads but our guide will direct you when it is safe to do so.
7Why don't I just hire a bike and do the ride myself?
It's really very difficult for anyone to navigate our tour routes on their own. Perth has some really fantastic cycle paths, but really really bad signposting. The cycle paths frequently just stop and re-start a few hundred metres away and most people either give up or get lost.
Punctures from glass or sharp plant seeds (bindii) are fairly common. Our guides will quickly get you going again.
Our guides will describe the story and history behind each attraction and make sure that you arrive on time for the start of important shows.
8Can my kids come along and do the ride too?
Our insurance does not allow anyone under the age of 18 years old
9What if I have to cancel or don't show up for the tour?
Email andrew@perthbiketours.com.au as soon as possible if you need to cancel.

If you have paid already you will be refunded 100% if you cancel more than 24 hours before 7.00am of the day the tour starts.

If you do not show up, or cancel later than 24 hours prior to 7.00am of the day the tour starts then you will receive no refund.

If you have not already paid e.g. a booking via this web site does not take the money from your card even though you need to provide valid card details at time of booking. The cancellations and no show rules described above apply. In the event of a no show or cancellation less than 24 hours prior to 7.00am of the day the tours starts the cost of the tour will be taken from your card.